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Monday Blues
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Monday Blues

Monday Blues
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Monday Blues
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Blueberries, Pear, Banana

Pear Nutrition
Baby first food because it's gentle on baby tummy
Great for babies who suffers from reflux
Helps with constipation
Filled with fibre, potassium & vitamin C

Every Kids loves Banana
High in fibre & easy to digest for little tummies
Good for babies heart
High potassium which helps regulate blood pressure & helps grow strong bones
Vitamin A for sharp vision
Great brain fuel which increases child concentration power
Taste awesome too!

Goodness Of Blueberries
It is a SUPERFOOD packed with antioxidants from it's rich blue colour
Protect healthy cells from damage
Makes our arteries more flexible
Protect against UV damage
Increases rate of cognitive development

*Beware as it is a choking hazard. Please cut / puree.

Other Nutrition

Vitamin C - Aids healing of wounds, boosts immune system 
Vitamin B6 - Boosts development of baby's brain 
Potassium - Good for heart, bones, and muscles 
Magnesium - Keep bones strong and the heart rhythm steady, promotes better sleep 

Serving size : 100 ml