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Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer

Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer


The Haenim UV Sterilizer is designed with the safety of you and your little one in mind. Haenim UV Sterilizer uses an effective heating system that eliminates bacteria for optimal sterealization. This 3rd generation Haenim sterilizer has a wireless bluetooth controls well as dual UV lamp that destroy over 99% of bacteria with the help of reflective Super Mirrors that covers all the interior dead zone. You can safely store your sterealized item worry-free for up to 8 hours even after the cycle has end! 

Sterilize more than just bottles.

It can sterilize soft toys, pacifiers, your mobile phone, remote controls and most household items (even electronics). It can also be used for other purposes around the house such as sterilizing toothbrushes, home medical supplies, personal grooming accessories, kitchen utensils and so much more.

√ Wireless control with Bluetooth system 

√ Dual UV Lamp

√ Clean-Air Filter System 

√ One touch button system 

√ Safe, worry-free storage 


  • Product Size: 295 x 375 x 425mm (W x D x H)
  • Product weight: 5kg
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