Frequently Asked Questions


How is SquEEEze Me Baby different?

When it comes to feeding your baby, you can either spend the time making (and cleaning up!) food yourself, or buy highly processed and pasteurised jars or pouches from the store. At SquEEEze Me Baby, we believe food is not meant to last in a room temperature pouch and that quality nutrition should be easily accessible.

  • Unlike many shelf-stable baby food out there, we do not add:
  • 1. Stabilizers
  • 2. Salt or sugar
  • 3. Preservatives
  • 4. Juice concentrate

As a result, our products are delivered frozen and fresh. Our SquEEEze pouches are transparent, enabling you to see the contentfaqs that are in every pouch. This gives assurance that the contentfaqs consumed by you and your child is as you see it.


When can my child start consuming SquEEEze Me Baby?

Infants aged 6 months and above can start consuming SquEEEze Me Baby, as long as they have started on solids. We would recommend parents to adhere to our plan - begin with 6+ months menu, then to slowly work their way up to 8+ months and 12+ months.

What are the differences?

6+ Months - purees made with just one fruit or vegetable to make sure that babies do not have an allergic reaction to the ingredient (based on 4-day-rule).

8+ Months- combination of two ingredients for optimum nutrition and great flavour profile. Each 8+ Months flavours include the 6+ Months puree with another new ingredient. This makes it easier for parents to detect any allergies caused by the new ingredient.

Toddler - includes more than two ingredients. Some of the products even introduce dairy products such as yogurt in the mix to introduce children to other dairy products apart from milk.

What are add-ons? Are they free?

Add-ons are superfood like flax seed, brown rice, oats, chia seeds which are all beneficial to health, adding an extra boost of nutrient to each pouch. Yes, each order is entitled to one add-on toppings, free of charge. Your serving of added superfood is on us.

Can I customise flavours?

Our menu is designed to deliver the maximum amount of nutrients with amazing flavours that your little one would go gaga over. Hence the service to customise is unfortunately not provided for now.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes. The more you buy, the more you save, definitely. Do check out our Party Packs here.

Can I change the combination for Party Packs?

The flavours in each Party Packs are fixed, each offering a variant of flavours, nutrients and textures, making it easier for busy parents to make decisions.

How long can I keep the pouches?

We recommend that all of our products should be consumed within 48 hours of purchasing (when kept in chiller at 0ºC - 4ºC). When frozen at -18ºC, they can last up to a month. Each product is made fresh every day to make sure freshness is guaranteed. To prevent the loss of nutrients, do consume immediately after opened.

Where are the food made?

All orders are made at SquEEEze Me Baby's main outlet in Petite Dapur, Bangsar in a clean, sanitary and transparent environment

Why does the product need to stay refrigerated / frozen?

Due to the lack of additives, preservatives and stabilizers, the food is perishable like any other fresh vegetables and fruits. It's necessary to keep the products refrigerated or frozen until feeding time!

My baby could not finish the entire pouch. Can I chill or freeze it back again?

Once purées are brought to room temperature, we do not recommend keeping them back in the fridge or freezer due to possible contamination. If you are unsure of how much your baby can eat, squeeze out a small portion to heat. Keep the rest of the purees chilled. Repeat process until baby is full! In no time, you will know your baby's appetite and how much to heat up.


How are the products packaged?

All purees will be packed in our signature transparent pouches that includes the manufacturing date to act as a guide. The orders will be sent to your doorsteps in a cool pack through frozen delivery courier service to make sure that they still maintain their freshness, all the goodness sealed in.

Are SquEEEze Me Baby's pouches BPA-free?

Yes! All SquEEEze Me Baby pouches are free of BPA, Phthalate and PVC!

Is the order secure during delivery?

We make sure that all our pouches are completely sealed to avoid spillage. They are fuss-free and most importantly convenient for you.


When can I expect to receive my order?

All orders are sent according to our shipping schedule unless on demand shipping is requested. Standard delivery shipping will be done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On demand orders should be placed before 7 pm to ensure that you receive your order the same day. Orders after the cut-off time will be processed the next working day. All self pick up starts at 12pm and ends at 5pm. Do inform the outlet in advance in case you are unable to pick up your order the next day.

How are the orders delivered?

We deliver your orders frozen with our trustworthy temperature-controlled courier, COOL TA-Q-BIN to make sure the products reach your doorsteps safe and sound with their nutrients still intact. For orders within Klang Valley, we use GOGET riders.

Will I be receiving my order on weekends?

Delivery will only take place on working days. That means you won't be able to receive your orders on weekends and public holidays

How much is the shipping fee?

A flat rate fee of RM15 will be charged for every order that is below RM150. We offer free shipping for all purchases above RM150. To receive your package on the same day, request for on demand delivery while checking out. All on demand delivery will be charged RM25 and will only be available for customers around the Klang Valley area.

Where do you deliver to?

At the moment, we only deliver to Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver them in certain areas in Malaysia but we're working on it! SquEEEze Me Baby products are not available for international shipment.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

You will be notified through email once your order is confirmed and shipped. A set of tracking number will be included in the email as well.

Can I self-collect my orders?

Sure! We provide the option to pick up your order at our outlet for busy parents. Kindly choose 'Self Pickup' at the checkout page. You will not be charged for shipping fee. Do note that self-pickup is only available on the next working day and not available for single claim of free Starter Kit.

I decided to self-collect after paying for shipping fee. Can I do so and will my shipping fee be refunded?

Of course you are able to do so but the shipping fee will not be refunded as the shipping processes would already been initiated at that point. Should you decide to self-collect after opting for delivery, kindly contact us at immediately to check the status of your order.

Can I request a same-day delivery?

Same-day delivery is possible within Klang Valley if order is placed before 1PM. The on demand shipping fee is RM25. Do email us directly if needed.


What should I do if the pouches that I received are not chilled / incorrect?

If by any unfortunate circumstance, your order is not frozen / incorrect UPON ARRIVAL, take a video of the product received and send it to We would gladly resend you a new frozen pouch as soon as possible.

Can I change or cancel my order?

All the products will be made fresh by our crew right after an order has been placed to ensure that every order reaches the customers as soon as possible. Hence, changing or canceling an order is unfortunately not an option. All changes should be done before checkout to avoid any complication.

Can I ask for refund / exchange if there are problems with the pouches after delivery?

Because our product is farm fresh and preservative-free, it naturally has a quicker expiration date than processed, shelf-stable food. We make every effort to ensure that the pouches reach you in excellent condition and last according to our storage recommendations. However, as storage condition differs from household to household, we are unable to accept returns after delivery is accepted.


How do I pay?

You can checkout via:

· PayPal or Credit Card.
No PayPal account is required for you to complete your order.


Are all the products vegetarian?

All our products do not contain any form of meat which makes it safe for our vegetarian customers to consume. However our products are not suitable for vegans as they contain yogurt and other dairy products.

Are the products halal?

We do not use any meat products. However, we have registered and are in the midst of applying for Halal Certification.

How can I get in touch with Squeeeze Me Baby?

Customers are always welcomed to get in touch with us through our many platforms:


WhatsApp / Contact number: +6016 289 9017


How does subscriptions and gift card work?

At the moment, subscriptions & gift card are not available. It will be available sometime in the future, please drop a message if you are interested for it.