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Beaba Bottle & Jar Warmer, Defrost, and Steriliser

Beaba Bottle & Jar Warmer, Defrost, and Steriliser


3-in-1 steam bottle warmer: Bottle and jar warmer, defrost and steriliser.

  • Choice of 2 temperatures: Room 22° C or body 37°C. 
  • Patented steam heating system: Ultra quick heating time, in less than 2 minutes for bottles and less than 5 minutes for small jars.
  • Heat sensitive probe: For temperature control in the centre of the preparation.
  • Sterilization function: For hygiene of bottles, dummies, and accessories.
  • Defrosting function for small jars and maternal milk.
  • Wide diameter: Compatible with all bottles and glass, plastic or silicone jars, with a diameter less than 78mm.
  • Automatic heating switch-off: Functions autonomously.
  • Light and audio signal at the end of cycles.
  • Double lining in the top part of the bell-lid: Limiting the risk of burns.
  • Security locking of the bell-lid.
Accessories: Supplied with a dummy and accessory sterilization basket.
Care: Tank cleaning: Regular descaling of the tank with BÉABA descaler.
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