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Applecrumby™ Fluorescence Free Nursing Pads (1 box)

Applecrumby™ Fluorescence Free Nursing Pads (1 box)


Applecrumby Premium Nursing Pads are fluorescence free, and formulated with super absorbent beehive lining and 3D special leak guards to ensure no milkflow leakages. Our super soft material allows for maximum comfort while our thin texture stays snug and undetectable for mom's confidence. Applecrumby makes our nursing pads ultra premium but at the same time super affordable for moms to enjoy without burning a hole in their pockets!

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Size: 36 pieces x 1 Box

Special Features:

  • Fluorescence Free nursing pads
  • Super Soft cotton like texture for maximum comfort
  • Thin and super absorbent up to 130ml (SAP fully imported from Sumitomo, Japan) - (most brands with absorbency up to 100ml)
  • Honeycomb lining (fully imported from USA) on Top Sheet to spread milk flow evenly and quickly
  • Special 3D Side Leak Proof Guards on Top Sheet for extra protection against leakage, both day and night use (the only brand in the market with this feature)
  • Dual Adhesive Strips to ensure nursing pads stay in place for a secure fit
  • Individually Wrapped Nursing Pads for better hygiene and easy portability when travelling
  • 4 Water Lock-Liners to draw away heavy milkflow effectively
  • All boxes shrink wrapped individually for hygiene purpose

Fluorescence Free Beehive Top Sheet from Golden Island, USA

Super Absorbent Polymer from Sumitomo, Japan


Peel off adhesive strips from nursing pads.

Position accordingly on the inner cus of brassiere. 

Change every 2-3 hours for hygiene purpose.


Keep plastic wrappers away from babies and toddlers for security reasons.

If signs of allergy show or persist, see doctor and stop usage immediately.