We understand that parents are always on the go. At the same time, they want a healthy diet as part of their daily regime, for themselves and for their families. Alas, not many have the time, resources and energy to ensure that this happens.

Established by a mother who understands the need for a healthy, high-nutrition, yet convenient lifestyle, Squeeeze Me Baby was created to address this problem, especially for babies and children.


Our goal is to provide busy parents with easy access to tasty & healthy foods for babies and children. We believe that a child’s nutritional need should not be compromised under any circumstance.

Healthy eating habits start from the moment a baby starts eating solid foods or is weaned off mother’s milk. This process should be fun for parents and babies.

SquEEEze Me Baby provides the nutrients that you and your children need – in a convenient squeeze pouch.

We place utmost importance on

1.Nutrients in every pouch!


Steaming vegetables, as this is the best way of cooking in order to minimise the loss of nutrients


Blending fruit, which not only maintains the nutrients, but also the dietary fibre content

2.Food safety & hygiene!

Transparent squeeeze pouches which provides full visibility of the content

We give the same love and care to making our products, as our customers would when making food for their children

Minimalist and an exposed kitchen design. We provide our customers 100% visibility from preparation --> squeezing of ingredients --> pouches. Giving customers the assurance of cleanliness, quality and freshness.

3.Innovative Recipes

we aim to create the tastiest recipes that allow maximum nutritional value and variations, to ensure our discerning little customers stay excited with our blends. Each and every pouch is prepared with love and care, and packed into BPA-approved squeeze pouches for our customers.

Our squeeze pouches are designed with variety and ease of use in mind. Some of the key features are:


Undoubtedly, the ultimate test is when a child accepts and eats whatever their parents feed them. We won’t claim that your child will love our squeeze pouches, but we believe that they will. To support this belief, we have conducted focused tasting sessions with parents, babies and children, and the results have been more than encouraging.

Our Consultant Dietitian!

To assist us in our goal of providing tasty and healthy foods for children, we have engaged a dietitian to assist in our operations. Ms. Rozanna M. Rosly is a prominent dietitian in Malaysia focusing on several areas including paediatrics and children, where she provides expert counsel for weaning, fussy eaters, allergies/intolerances, healthy eating and many more. She is also very passionate about cooking and helps us with our menu and blends.