1. What makes SquEEEze Me Baby different from pre-packed juices sold in supermarkets ?

    A physical retail outlet enables you to observe our crew prepare the fresh ingredients, squeeze and pack the contents into the SquEEEze pouch. SquEEEze pouches are transparent, enabling you to see the contents that are in every pouch. This gives assurance that the contents consumed by you and your child is as you see it. No sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients are added.

  2. What is the shelf life?

    For maximum nutritional value, it is best to consume within 48 hours of purchase (if kept chilled at 0ºC – 4ºC). If purchased and frozen at -18ºC, you may also enjoy it at the convenience in your own home within 1 month of purchase. Once opened, it is best if all contents are consumed immediately.

  3. When can my child start consuming SquEEEze Me Baby?

    Infants aged 5 months and above can start consuming SquEEEze Me Baby, as long as they have started on solids.

  4. Can my breast-fed toddler consume SquEEEze Me Baby?

    Absolutely! Consuming mother's natural source of nutrients coupled with SquEEEze Me Baby contents will definitely add more nutritional value to your child's diet!

  5. Is SquEEEze Me Baby Halal?

    We do not use any meat products. However, we have registered and are in the midst of applying for Halal Certification.

  6. Is SquEEEze Me Baby's packaging BPA-free?

    Yes! All SquEEEze Me Baby pouches are free of BPA, Phthalate and PVC!

  7. How do I feed my baby from the SquEEEze Me Baby pouch?

    We recommend spoon-feeding your baby in the early months. Once they are able to self-feed, they can consume directly from the SquEEEze Me Baby pouch, just like a milk bottle!

  8. When can I feed my little one yoghurt?

    Most babies, 6 months onwards, can start eating plain, unsweetened, pasteurised, whole-milk yoghurt after they start eating solids.

  9. How do I heat up the SquEEEze Me Baby pouch?

    Stand the SquEEEze Me Baby pouch in hot water (70ºC – 80ºC), leaving it for 10-15 minutes to heat up. Adult to check the temperature of the pouch before feeding baby, to ensure optimum temperature.

  10. Can I put the SquEEEze Me Baby pouch in the microwave?

    No, we do not recommend using microwave ovens to reheat SquEEEze Me Baby pouches.

  11. Can the leftovers be reheated?

    No. There shouldn't be any leftovers, because mummy can eat it too!

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